Dr. Anthony Gioia



About Dr. Anthony Gioia

Dr. Gioia has over 10 years of boxing experience, with the bulk of his training under British boxing coach Tony Prignits. Prior to settling into boxing, he has a long history of combat sports and athletics including: 1st degree black belt in tae kwon do, a green belt in jeet koon do from the esteemed Degerberg Academy, Training in kali/Silat (Filipino stick and knife fighting) and American fencing. He has wrestled both in high school and at the college level for Cornell College in Iowa. Non combat athletics include: an all around high school gymnast , power lifting in college, and running both marathons and ultra marathons.



Ranked third in the nation in 1989 for bench pressing with a bench of 365lbs. in the 148 lb. division in the American Drug Free Powerlifting Association and recognized by Powerlifting Magazine, placed 14th out of 178 runners in the 2007 Chicago lakefront 50k (38miles) with a time of 4:24:46, in 2010 authored a book entitled “Weight lifting for Boxers: A Fighter’s Guide to Strengthening and Conditioning".
In addition to his passion for boxing, Dr. Gioia has been a practicing chiropractic physician for the past 26 years with additional certifications in: certified chiropractic rehabilitation doctor (CCRD), acupuncture, manipulation under anesthesia, pain management, and operating room procedures.
Prior to his doctorate in chiropractic medicine DC, he earned a BA in geology and a BS in human biology.

On our tactical approach to the sweet science our coach will teach you how to approach and defend against an opponent from the furthest distance away exposing the least amount of your body. He will teach you how to achieve that by learning how to get in position to strike with maximum leverage without getting hit. In our tactical courses you will learn boxing strategy and fight tactics to help you win inside the ring. As you become more conditioned and skillful in the art of boxing, strategy becomes the final step for defeating opponents. Strategy is the blueprint for winning while training and technique are the goals and preparation. You will learn boxing offense, boxing defense, boxing counter-punching tips and more! Great technique will improve effectiveness and efficiency. Great fighting techniques are focused on improving performance as opposed to the limitations of rules and forms. Every fighter and fighting situation is different, and requires the mastery of many techniques. There is no such thing as the "best fighting technique". There are only good applications of technique. Technique, in itself, is not so much what you do, but how you use it.