1. How to escape a rear naked choke with a body triangle 

 2. Extreme Cardio, Riot Shield Training. 

 3. Calf Slicer to heel hook 

 4. Intercept with full blast. 


5. Gyaku ude-garami, Sankaku-jime, Juji-gatame. 

Kimura arm bar to triangle choke to straight arm bar.

 6. Striking combinations with takedown defense. 


7. Banana split and escape.

 8. Xtreme cage fighter workout using the Versys VS1  

 9. Seat belt escape to a Kimura arm bar. 

 10. How to get out of the corner 

 11. How to escape Ronda Rousey arm bar. 

 12. Three basic defenses against the clinch. 

 13. Half guard to Granby roll to Triangle choke.  

14. Advanced fall drills. 

 15. Three Counters against the suplex defense.