Oscar Olivares Sensei



Counter Assault Tactical System Certified Instructor.

SEI-SHIN-KAN BU-JUTSU 5th Degree black belt "Go-Dan".



A Sensei is not the one that has a lot of students, but the one who knows how to form a person. -Hanshi 10 Dan Isao Ichikawa-


At the age of 6 Oscar Sensei started training with renowned senseis of the ancient martial arts. Among them:


Hanshi Isao Ichikawa 10th Dan Red Belt.

SEI-SHIN-KAN BUJUTSUHanshi Luis Zavalza Reyes 10th Dan Red Belt.Carlos Fernandez Contreras Sensei 3rd Dan Black belt.Alfredo Estrada Tavares Sensei 3rd Dan Black belt.

JU-JUTSU AND CATCH-CAN-WRESTLING.Daniel Hernandez 8th Dan Black Belt.Hanshi Luis Zavala Reyes 10th Dan Red Belt.

KENDO. Japanese Fencing

Hanshi Matsunaga Masami. President of Japanese kendo Federation Sensei Adalberto Chavez. Mexico’s Kendo National Team Coach.

AIKIDO.Shihan Masatake Fujita. 8th Dan AikidoSensei Miguel Moreno. 7th Dan Aikido Trained by Sensei Ueshiba at Hombu Dojo in Japan. 




December 17, 1989. After 12 years of training and at the age of 18 Oscar graduated as a Counter Assault Tactical System CertifiedInstructor Black Belt 1st Dan becoming the youngest Black Belt 1st Dan in the History of Sei-Shin-Kan in Mexico.

Note: Sei-Shin-Kan do not give Black belts to minors, you must be at least 18 years old to hold a Black Belt.


 1990 Oscar graduated 1st Dan in the art of KENDO (Japanese fencing) and won 3rd Place for Mexico at the Pan-American Kendo Association games 


December 16, 1990 Oscar graduated as a 2nd Dan Counter Assault Tactical System Certified Instructor Black Belt

Oscar Sensei became the youngest instructor in charge of training Brown and Black Belts at the National Level for SEI-SHIN-KAN Mexico. Every Saturday all the Black belts and brown belts from all over the country would meet for training. Oscar Sensei would train all the brown belts for one year to make sure that no matter were they came from or from which instructor they were training under, all of them would have the same level and knowledge before they graduated as a Counter Assault Tactical System Certified Instructors black belts. It is still a tradition that on the second Sunday of December SEI-SHIN-KAN has the Black belt test, which ends the year's activities. 


Oscar Sensei would be in charge to teach the following concepts to the Black and Brown belts:

1. Tactical stand-up and submission ground fighting.

2. How to organize and choreograph a martial arts exhibition.  

3. Tactical weapon fighting. (Knife fighting, gun fighting and impact weapon fighting) 

4.Tactical Kettlebell circuits. 

5. Underground training circuits. 

6. Sparring

7. KYUSHO-JUTSU Tactical Vital Point Fighting. 




In 1992 Oscar Sensei received recognition for his sincere effort and dedication, SEI-SHIN-KAN honors him with the 3rd Dan black belt San Dan at the age of 21.

On December 18, 2004 Oscar Sensei received the 4th Dan black belt at the age of 34. 

 On August 27, 2007 Oscar Sensei received the 5th Dan black belt at the age of 36. 


Since 1989 when Oscar Sensei graduated as a Black Belt certified instructor until today, he has not stop teaching and learning new concepts and ways of fighting.

He has continued to dedicate his life to the evolution and study of the Mixed Martial Arts and the unification of body, mind and spirit.


Varsity Wrestling Coach assistance at HD Jacobs High School in Algonquin Illinois.



From 1990 to 1993 Oscar Sensei trained and graduated 3 generation of Black Belts.

Nearly 50 of his students graduated with honors having exceeded the minimum requirements.

Since July 2008 Oscar Sensei has been the head coach and owner of MMA Underground. 

Oscar sensei fighting lineage


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