My name is Russ Tabaka my background consists of competing as a wrestler, grappler, fighter and coach. The sport of wrestling has given me many things including discipline, humility, innovation and respect for the competitive vehicle of the human body.   It is my goal to introduce those who have not experienced the sport of wrestling into this fascinating world. It is my honor to re-introduce wrestling to those who may have enjoyed the sport long ago. No matter what age no, matter what experience level, wrestling will show a person‘s true heart and mental toughness.  Mixed martial arts is a sport that has allotted   me many different opportunities. But through it all my foundation in the sport of wrestling has open the doors for me to compete internationally, represent my country, and train with some of the best in the world. Whether are your goals are world medal around your neck, winning a cage fight on Friday night or deepening your understanding of mixed martial arts greatest discipline, I hope that this is a journey that we can take together. Looking forward to seeing you on the mat! 


 2012 77KG Team USA Pankration 

 2016 77KG Team USA Gi Grappling  

 2016 92KG Team USA Gi Grappling 

 BJJ Blue Belt 

 College Level Wrestler 

 Freestyle Wrestler 

 20 Years Wrestling Experience (Novice-Senior Divisions) 

 8 Years Submission Wrestling Experience 

 1-1 Professional MMA Fighter 

 7-2 Amatuer MMA Fighter 

 2x USAFPA No-Gi Pancration Regional Champion 170 lbs (2011 & 2012) 

 2x USAFPA No-Gi Grappling Regional Champion 170 lbs (2011 & 2012) 

 1x USAFPA Gi Grappling Regional Champion 170 lbs (2011) 

 1x USAFPA Gi Grappling Regional Champion 170 lbs (2012) 

 2010 Submission Hunt Expert Division Champion 

 2010 Combat Corner Bronze Medalist 

 Absolute division submission wrestler 

 1x Midwest Nationals Silver Medalist 

 4x Midwest Nationals Bronze Medalist 

 2x US Open Freestyle Wrestler Senior Division